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About Us

We specialize in 3-4 day service between Southern United States and California.

Map of US Cross Country Transport Route

Specializing in 3-4 Day Service

Now Serving Nationwide

Commited to Service


Founded in 1988, our business has been directed into an environment that the transportation industry has never experienced before. There is huge potential for growth! We are seizing the opportunities and meeting the challenges with a progressive attitude.


In recent years, not only the United States but the entire world has experienced major economic changes. As you know, here in the U.S. our manufacturing has drastically changed. However, Cross Country Transport, Inc. has been very fortunate to be able to say we are still as strong and reliable as we have always been.

We serve as a LTL and TL logistics provider --NATIONWIDE-- within the continental United States with our core business being between Southern U.S. and California.


Cross Country Transport strives to be an asset to all our customers and we want to be there for your company as well during these changing times.  Please contact us to see how we can help turn your business opportunities into realities.

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